Thursday, 4 August 2011

No Longer Teaching

So a lot has happened since I last posted.
For one, I was failed by my tutor on the PGCE. My lack of disclosure with regards to my CFS and depression was cited as a reason for this. I tried appealing, but apparently they were within their rights to fail me for something as nebulous as "lacking a certain something".

I think I coped well with this. Having wanted nothing but to be a teacher since the age of 7 this was, obviously, a huge disappointment to me. There were tears aplenty, lots of raging. But despite this, and mostly thanks to the support of my amazing fiance, I didn't sink into a serious episode. Admittedly, I did watch the whole of the first series of Glee in a few days whilst feeling sorry for myself, but, I can think of worse things to do!

Various stints in childcare followed, before I started working as a TA in a school whilst trying to find a paid training position.

I did that for just under two school terms. Eventually, I got fed up of the low pay and the verbal and physical abuse I was receiving from the children. I decided that a change of career was necessary, before I was too run down to work anywhere.

So now, I'm working in Digital Marketing. The days are longer, but the emotional strains are less.

I will post for longer tomorrow, but for tonight I'm stopping. I need to sleep, again.

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