Monday, 15 August 2011

CFS Treatments

Having a bit of a shit mental health day. Contemplating change, which I cannot stand, and feeling the need to completely withdraw from people. Going to try not to, as it tends to make me worse, but if I do stop talking to you (not that I talk to many people anyway) then just gently prod me to let me know that you do want to talk to me.

Should be working right now, but, can't focus enough. On the verge of tears and just feeling pretty low.

So instead I thought I'd post my thoughts on something I saw a while back and tweeted about but never further expanded upon.

I read this post on the BBC news website:

For those who don't want to click for whatever reason it's about a scientist who is researching the cause of ME in the hopes of bettering treatments. Except he's being sent death threats. By people with CFS/ME!

The reason? He's looking at possible psychological causes for the condition.

Now I don't know about anybody else, but personally, I would be more than happy to be told that CFS was a psychological syndrome and there was treatment for it. Much more than I am with the general waftiness there is about the condition atm.

It seems people think that being told a condition is psychological somehow diminishes its "realness" and are offended by the thought that their suffering isn't real.

Whilst I can see where these people are coming from, I truly hope that it doesn't stop people researching the condition (from whatever angle).

What do other people think? Especially those of you who are fellow sufferers.

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  1. There is a whole back story with that guy, he's apparently not very nice. Whether intentionally or not he's caused a lot of pain and suffering to a lot of ME sufferers.

    Ask me about it sometime - it's a long thing!


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