Monday, 10 October 2011

Mental Health Week

So, it's National Mental Health Week.

I guess my response is, so what?

I gave a shoutout on my Twitter, to anybody who was not as mentally healthy as they wished.

The BBC and various other news sources will trumpet stories about mental illness. And real people. And the "pain behind the star's smiles" and other such rubbish.

How much of it do you think actually makes a difference?

I know how much I think. Very little. Mostly it's just lip service, or titilation - "look, this person heard voices, now they have a job and partner everything" *rolls eyes*

But at the same time, if even one person who is struggling, sees something that resonates with them, and gets help, minimising their suffering, then it's all worthwhile. Right?

Even if it does make me feel a little bit like a zoo exhibit. Or perhaps an endangered creature.

What do you think?

As an aside, still not been to see the doctor. I keep putting it off, and the difficulty of getting appointments makes it very easy to do...

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