Tuesday, 13 March 2012

All the small things!

Not reverted to early 2000s nu-metal (it's actually Girls' Ultimate Night In I have playing!), just my focus at the moment. Whilst I may be unhappy, especially with myself, I'm trying to focus on the little things that make a difference. Things like:
the excitement from a child who'd just discovered that a googol was a number,
or the children stopping midway through PE to come hug me,
the growing number of children who play with me at lunch times,
treating myself to a McDonald's happy meal,
weighing my target weight since before Christmas (and not just naked and on my scales!),
eating sweets and reading a book before napping,
sitting with a glass of cold wine etc.

So, yes, I may not feel able to sing along to the music because I hate my voice, but there are good things out there in the world.

Comment with one of your small things please!


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